Our community stood up and took on the establishment this fall. In doing so we have declared that we will no longer be silent as the education of our future leaders is endangered.

We can be proud that we have been part of this wonderful metamorphosis. I am proud to have been on this journey with my family, friends and supporters. I hope that each person who canvassed, called, wrote postcards or made contributions feels good about the future.

Thank you all for your belief in our campaign, and in the spirit of positive change.

There are many opportunities for service in our community. I will be focusing on a few as we send 2018 on its way. Please follow our Facebook or Twitter feed for opportunities to support or join me!

Gratefully yours,
Raymond Mueller

Democrats Vote Raymond Mueller!

Thank you for your support!!

I am honored to say that the registered Democrats who came out to vote made me a delegate to our State conventions.
I need to thank the many people who encouraged and assisted me in this newest endeavor. I will fulfill my promise to a be a voice for all of my constituents, but to my LGBTQ sisters, brothers and others, I promise to never get up from the table before our voice has been heard.