Put the trust back in Trustee

I have been on the front line, as chair of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee. Experienced in working collaboratively with groups who have the same interests, but not the same goals, I am able to achieve accord. I have been on several boards, and can work within the by-laws to help our kids get the world class education they deserve. As a parent, I will be in tune with the system and have direct conduit to issues our kids and teachers face daily. As a person who has lived in poverty, disability and prosperity, I can understand many perspectives that make up our Alum Rock tapestry.

What are our top priorities?

  1. Putting students first and listening to all stakeholders.

  2. Proper management of district finances, staff, and resources.

  3. Restoring trust and rebuilding relationships with teachers, staff, parents, and residents. We must work as a team for our children and our future.

To date we are honored by the support of so many people and organizations. In every major endorsement, if they endorse three, they endorse me! This is not by luck, each one does thorough interviewing and investigation before making their choices. We can do this! As a team, we will get out the voters, and insure they know who is the candidate for positive change.

Positive change includes a culture change at the board level. Our district is working to address pre-k and full day kinder. There are programs to reduce the summer loss, and keep our kids on track. The current administration has been doing so much, but we must provide them that which has been missing. They need a board that can work with them, transparently and professionally. We cannot address the issues of language, safety and kids with no food options at home in the status quo.

Positive change comes when every voter learns that incumbent does not mean the best choice. There are going to be 8 candidates on the ballot, but I am respectfully asking that you choose to put me in one of those seats. The truth is that the “Alum Rock Way” never worked.

Our time of wringing hands, worrying and protesting is past. Now we must work to encourage our neighbors to vote Mueller. Please give me the opportunity to represent you and all of our Alum Rock residents. On day one, I am ready to work for our kids, families, residents and staff!

The candidate for positive change,
Raymond Mueller